The main purpose of the Meet & Greet is to decide: Is this Person + their Pets & Children + Property a good match for my pet?

1. Property Walk through (Both inside and out) 

2. Pet Compatibility / Temperament Test

3. Sitter Interview

4. Your Pet's Care

  • A Property Inspection checks whether a Property is escape-proof and hazard-free.
  • A Temperament test involves you observing your dog's reaction or behaviour to the Pet Sitter's cat or dog to try to predict whether there may be any compatibility issues which may arise during the stay and to decide whether another Sitter might be more suitable.
  • The Sitter Interview asks the Sitter about their training, experience, qualifications, and verifications.
  • For you to talk about your Pet's care routine and handling: diet and exercise, sleeping location, toileting and medical history.

We help you every step of the way with an RSPCA Property Checklist and Interview questions.