We ask Pet Sitters and Pet Owners to meet as early as possible because Meet & Greets are more than a quick hello and a drop off.  

Meets and Greets involve an interview with your chosen house sitter and observing that they have good compatibility, handling, and chemistry with your pet, going over your pet's care routine, and involves a full property tour at the proposed location of care so you can both ensure the property is escape-proof and hazard free. 

Pets behave differently when they are away from their Owners and their anxiety levels can be heightened.

In the event that you don't feel the house sitter is a good match for any reason, having an interview as early as possible gives you enough time before your trip away to ensure that you can meet with someone else who might be more compatible, instead of stressing at the last minute because your chosen sitter doesn't feel like a good match OR you have found out they have young children OR they have become unavailable because another Pet Owner has booked and confirmed to ensure they have a sitter during peak season.

You have made a great decision to book through PetCloud - because thanks to our RSPCA partners - we are leading the industry with stay pet stays and an excellent track record of safety.