There are many benefits to Pet Sitters

  • Send money to your Bank or your PayPal account
  • See all your future earnings under unavailable balance, they will become available as you complete jobs 
  • View transaction history
  • Raise any dispute against a transaction
  • Redeem Pet Cloud Gift Cards which you can win, get as a gift
  • Check your Reward Points Balance and redeem them for cash

Benefits to Pet Owners

  • You are in Control
  • Add credits multiple ways: Credit Card, Transfer, Paypal. 
  • Spend only what you have
  • Securely load value on the go
  • Keep track of what you have spent & with who
  • Accessibility & convenience
  • Earn Promo Credits
  • Reward Points (coming soon)
  • Safe & Secure payments.  
  • Instant refunds into wallet
  • Buy and redeem (use) PetCloud gift cards (coming soon)
  • Allows us to serve you better

You can access your wallet here