Pet Owners can use our fare estimator on the Pet Taxi App to know an estimated cost before requesting a ride.

  • Fare estimation and rides are for one-way trips only.  
  • Variation in total booking amount depends on variable factors such as Vehicle Type, any waiting time, Distance Travelled, & Journey Time etc.
  • Pet Taxi drivers get paid 81% of the booking less a $12 flat booking fee.  Drivers for PetCloud get to keep a lot more of the booking than existing Drivers in the market.  

Vehicle Type$ Per KMPet Cloud Booking Fee $

The distance fee varies with the size of the vehicle because larger vehicles such as SUVs burn through more fuel than hatchbacks. 
Time fee is 50 cents per minute after the first 5 minutes.

Cancellation fee for a confirmed ride is $10

As a company we need to pay for Advertising, PR, SEO, x2 types of Insurance, Customer Support staff, Hosting fees, Development Staff, SMS fees so the Booking fee and the 19% that we keep goes towards growing a healthy, reliable, functioning platform & Apps, and happy & supported Drivers, & happy national community.