No.  We enjoy our job and do not wish to turn into a debt collection agency.  From past experience, when we did trial this, some Pet Owners would max out their credit card on their trip away, and upon return, pick up their pet from the Sitter and then become uncontactable, leaving PetCloud and the Sitter out of pocket.

So what we do instead is, enable you to pay the booking total into a digital wallet which acts as Escrow on PetCloud where the amount remains until the end of the booking where it is then paid out to Pet Sitters.

If you have any issue with the service provided you have the ability to raise it with the Sitter and PetCloud's Accounts Team: before the end of the stay.

For recurring bookings, payments will be deducted from the PetCloud wallet on a weekly basis and paid out to the Sitter and to PetCloud.